Omarla Cooke

I currently wear a few hats within our district and am honored to have the opportunities that I do within our schools to build up others to see the great potential they have.


I am the Indigenous Education Team Supervisor, this position allows me to ensure that Indigenous Students within our district have the supports they may need throughout their academic journey.


Here at St Joe's I am the Indigenous High School Success coach, this position provides Indigenous High School students with the supports, encouragement and academic guidance they may need to complete their credits needed for their grade twelve diploma. I also boldly and often loudly cheer them on to strive for post-secondary studies in their dream careers.


I am not only here for our wonderful students I am also here for our amazing staff. Part of my role sees me working with teachers in our district to help them incorporate Indigenous content in a respectful and meaningful way. This is one of my passions in life, as a proud Nitsiitapii (Blackfoot for original people, nehiyaw in Cree) I strive to build others pride in their ancestry and to do this I share the teachings of my Ancestors with those who are willing to learn from their hearts.


I have been with our Catholic district off and on for over 20 years, as a baptized Catholic I find comfort and strength in the Faith foundation that our schools build within us. Having the opportunity to utilize both my Catholic teachings along side with my Blackfoot spiritual teachings I find a great balance in knowing that God/ Creator is always with us because he is within our spirits.


I have been here at St. Joes for five years and returned back to the school settings shortly after a brief hiatus from receiving my Bachelors Degree in Education through the U of A Teacher Education North Program in 2014.

I had always dreamed of being a teacher or working with students in some capacity. So when the position came about it was like Creator was nudging me to make the changes needed.


As mentioned I am a proud Blackfoot lady as well as a proud mother of both human children and fur babies. To be honest if I could I would have all kinds of animals, this was one of my other dreams in life was to work with animals.


I look forward to working along side parents and teachers to ensure the success of every student that walks in our doors.