Roger Lauck


(780) 532-7779

My name is Roger Lauck. I have been the Principal of St. Joseph’s Catholic High School since April of 2015. My last Principalship was from 2009 until 2015 at Mother Teresa Catholic School. I have been a Principal with Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools since 2006.

I am married to my beautiful wife Amanda and we have three amazing children; a daughter and son who attend elementary school and another daughter in junior high.

I strongly believe that when our staff work in partnership with involved parents every student can achieve at the highest level. Much like parents who stand united in their parental decisions when staff and parents support one-another students recieve clear direction, feel supported and are not confused about expectations. Students are capable of amazing results and progress even when the expectations are set high.

Myself and our entire staff look forward to working with invloved parents/guardians and will strive to keep all lines of communication open between the school and home. Please stay in regular contact with the school and your children's teachers as much as possbile. We look forward to overcoming challenges together and supporting your child through each step of their High School journey. Let's make the road to Graduation enriching, exciting and rewarding!