Cindy Hillier



Hi There!
My name is Miss Hillier, and I just moved to Alberta from Newfoundland! I drove all the way here from St. John's, NL which is essentially the most easterly point in Canada, so I got to see and experience so many cool things that our vast country has to offer. It was definitely a great way to spend some of my summer vacation! I am an avid baker, hiker, and reader, and i love music and attending as many concerts as I can. 

Not only is this my first year at St. Mary's, it is also my first full-year contract, so I am super excited to be here! I am teaching FSL at both the junior high and senior high levels, junior high ELA, Health, Art, Religion, and Google, as well as Foods 10/20/30. While my website is still under construction, you can reach me at in the meantime. I am looking forward to a great first year here at St. Mary's, and I am excited to continue on this new adventure in Alberta!