Joel McLeod


Room 206, Office 206

I was the previous fabrication teacher here at St. Joseph but after a two-year hiatus dabbling in the field of Instrumentation (no I did not work on musical instruments) I have returned as the Computer, Robotic and Photography teacher. You may ask yourself what is a fabrication teacher is doing teaching Com-tech courses, well, there are some good reasons: 1. I have taught them before, 2. in addition to my Career and Technology Studies Education Degree, I have a diploma in film and television studies (highlight: worked as a bus boy in a night club while volunteering in the film/television industry in Vancouver) and a diploma in computer and information systems repair (highlight: worked in thenGeek Squad at Best Buy though never obtained agent status before starting my teaching career) 3. My entire teaching career I was involved with the SKILLS team which meant I helped in a lot of different areas. 4. I often worked with the robotics SKILLS teams in the fabrication and troubleshooting of the robots.

I am married to a wonderful woman who produced three lovely but wild young children so at many times I am overwhelmed and under slept. I grew up on the mean streets of Manning Alberta.  A small northern community at times trapped in the past, in high school we thought the internet was the lining inside your swim trunks. I left Manning in a fury where I lived in various places (Delta BC, Vancouver, Airdrie AB, Calgary, Peace River and Edmonton) for various reasons (school, work and unknown) but aside from Manning, Grande Prairie has been the longest.


Favorite current TV Series: Game of Thrones, Suits, Silicon Valley, The New Girl, Narcos, Big Brother

Favorite Movies: Idiocracy, Strange Wilderness, Inception, Pulp Fiction, Super Troopers, Shaw shank Redemption

Favorite Books: Any thing by Philip K. Dick

Favorite Student: Probably you

Favorite All-time Students: My Children

Favorite Food: My Wife’s Pizza

Favorite Gift: Cash, preferably large bills