Tanis Voth

Support Staff - Journeyman Hair Dresser

Journeyman Cosmetology Instructor

I have been in the hair industry for 28 years now, I have a true passion for Cosmetology.

I find teaching the Cosmetology trade and passing along my skills to future stylists and artist's to be a very rewarding & fullfilling career. Students may pursue their Hairstyling career while attending University for other studies, it is a great way to earn an income while they work their way to a successful career as a Red Seal Journeyman or another degree. Students will learn skills that will help them out in the future, as many life skills are taught in this fast paced program of up to 50 required credits. It is not just a styling class, students learn professionalism, people skills, anatomy, phisiology, skincare, salon business, competetive cosmo, theatrical cosmo, the science behind the art as well as many styling/cutting/chemical service modules. I always say, "work with your hands & use your talents!".