Calendar General
Event Date May 31

Friday, May 31           Cap & Gown Day

                                    8:00-8:30 Free Breakfast for Grads at St. Joe’s High School

                                    8:30-9:00 Grads pickup Cap & Gown from school library

                                    9:00-10:30 Grads get a large group photo in the gymnasium

                                    11:15 Grads must be at Revolution Arena to line up

                                    12:00 Cap & Gown Begins (grads parade from Bowes Family Gardens)

                                                General Seating (no ticket required) (unlimited seating)

                                                Mass, Exercises, Speeches, Presentation of Certificates

                                                Photos and Snacks

Green Gown & White Stoll MUST be returned to Terry Lock Room prior to leaving Revolution Arena