Jan 13th - Diploma Exam Re: Inclement Weather

There are Part A ELA Diploma Exams scheduled for January 13th at 9:00am. As of 6:00am, due to extreme cold weather, all bus routes are listed as canceled.

In regards to the Diploma Exam writing session when inclement weather occurs students who are unable to safely come to school for the writing session may have an exemption filed with Alberta Education. It is the school Principal that submits the exemption request.  If the exemption is granted the students mark will be based solely on Part B of the exam. If the exemption is not granted the student must write part A at the April exam sitting.

St. Joseph will be submitting an Exam Exemption request to Alberta Education for all students who were unable to write their Part A Diploma Exam today (Mon January 13th), due to the inclement, extreme cold, weather. Students who missed the exam for any other reason are asked to notify the Principal no later than 3:15pm on January 13th, 2020. For students who do arrive to school safely the exam writing session will continue as scheduled at 9:00am; school is open and Diplomas continue as scheduled all around the Province.

All information regarding Diploma Exams can be accessed at this link: https://www.alberta.ca/assets/documents/ed-diploma-exam-general-information-bulletin.pdfhttps://www.alberta.ca/assets/documents/ed-diploma-exam-general-information-bulletin.pdf