Exam Week & Important Dates in January

Important Dates:

  • January 6th – Welcome Back from Christmas Break
  • January 13th & 14th – Part A Diploma Exams
  • January 21st  – Last Day of classes for Semester Courses
  • January 22nd to January 30th – Exam Week (Part B Diplomas and Semester Courses Final Exams) For final exam schedule CLICK HERE.
  • January 31st – Semester 2 Begins (This is also a No-School day for students and Faith Development day for Staff.)
  • February 3rd – First Day of Semester Two classes for students.


  • For all Final Exam dates and Diploma Exam practice questions, tips, study guides and on-line prep students can simply CLICK HERE. This information and resources is all found on the St. Joseph homepage under Latest News.

How does Exam Week (January 22nd to January 30th) affect Grade 8, 9 and Grade 10 & Grade 11 POD students?

  • Grade  8/9 – The only change is a flip of Block 2 and Block 4. The classes students had in block two will be in block 4 and vice versa. The schedule returns to normal after exam week.  
  • Grade 10 and Grade 11 POD Students – All Grade 10 and Grade 11 Pod core classes are held in Block 1 and 2 during this week (9:13 – 11:50). Students are encouraged, as needed, to also attend FOCUS (8:40 – 9:10) and remain at school in the afternoon if extra teacher support is needed or to use the time to work on assignments; there will be supervised study/work locations right until regular dismissal at 3:30pm daily. More detailed information can be found by CLICKING HERE; additionally the Grade 10 and 11 teachers have also  gone over these details with their students.

What if I am a Gr 10/11 POD student and I have a final exam in a semester course scheduled during exam week?

  • If a student has a final exam scheduled that morning they will be released from class to write that exam.

I still have a specific question regarding exam week and how it will affect my child. What do I do?

  • E-mail one of your child’s teachers directly. To e-mail teachers click here.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!