GRADE 12 Diploma Exam Schedule, Practice Questions & Writing Tips!


Diploma Exam Schedule (Scroll down to page 4 for the June 2019 Schedule): CLICK HERE

Diploma Exam Practice Questions, Exemplars, Released Materials and Examples of Standards for Students' Writing for each subject's diploma exam: CLICK HERE

The above link has extremely valuable resources for writing any Diploma Course including the following quick links:

  • Subject Guides for Students
  • Exemplars of Students Writing & Writing Standards 
  • Released Practice Questions
  • Calculator Information
  • Data Booklets 
  • Directing Words Definition Sheet. A sheet explaining what the directing words in a question are actually asking you. Ex: Definition of Classify, analyze, etc, etc. 
  • And Much More!

ELECTRONIC On-Line Diploma Practice Questions (Quest A+): CLICK HERE    (To view this resource your CPU must have Adobe Flash Player version 11.1.0 or greater installed )

* Math 30-1 Written Response Information: CLICK HERE &

  Math 30-2 Written Response Information: CLICK HERE 


*Diploma Exam On-Line Prep Sessions

*Castle Rock Research Diploma Study Workbooks:

*Please note: "Rock the Diploma & Castle Rock Research are not Alberta Education resources. St. Joseph's and Grande Prairie Catholic Schools are not promoting the services and/or products they provide but are providing information as families have inquired about additional resources that are available for Diploma Preparation. These are simply a couple available resources we are aware of.

Many free resources from this service can also be found at It should be noted that working closely with your St. Joseph classroom teacher continues to be be vital as the Diploma Exams approach and is our #1 recommended strategy to prepare for Diploma Exams.

For more information on Diploma Exam writing stop by our Student Services office and speak to Mrs. Martin.