Important Dec & Jan Dates and How Exam Week will impact your child.

Exam Week 

Significant Dates:

  • January 7th – First Day back from Christmas Break
  • January 14th – 16th – Part A Diploma Exams
  • January 22nd – Last Day of classes for Semester Courses & FLA 30-1 Part A Diploma Exam
  • January 23rd to January 30th – Exam Week (Part B Diplomas and Semester Courses Final Exams) FINAL EXAM Schedule CLICK HERE
    • FSL Challenge Exams. See Mrs. Biblow in Room 132 to inquire / sign up or e-mail her at
  • January 31st – Semester 2 Begins

How does Exam Week (January 23rd to January 30th) affect Grade 8, 9 and Grade 10 & Grade 11 POD/COLLEGE students?

  • Grade  8/9 – There is no change to their regular schedule. Classes run as they usually do.
  • Grade 10 and Grade 11 English POD/COLLEGE Students – All Grade 10 and Grade 11 Pod/College core classes are held in Block 1 and 2 during this week (9:15 – 11:50). Students are encouraged, as needed, to also attend FOCUS (8:40 – 9:10) and remain at school in the afternoon if extra teacher support is needed or to use the time to work on assignments; there will be supervised study/work locations right until regular dismissal at 3:30pm daily. More detailed information on this was e-mailed to Grade 10 and Grade 11 POD/COLLEGE parents on December 17th; additionally the Grade 10 and 11 teachers have also  gone over those details with their students. To access this info click here
  • Grade 11 French Immersion POD/COLLEGE Students – Core classes will continue to run throughout exam week and remain scheduled daily during Block 4 and Block 5.

What if I am a POD student and I have a final exam in a semester course scheduled during exam week?

  • If a student has a final exam scheduled that morning they will be released from class to write that exam.

I still have a specific question regarding exam week and how it will affect my child. What do I do?

  • E-mail one of your child’s teachers directly. To e-mail teachers click here.