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Dual Credit Opportunities

To learn more about Dual-Credit opportunites avaialble to you through St. Joseph see Mr. LeCerf in student services today or e-mail him at jacqueslecerf@gpcsd.ca  

What is Dual Credit?

Dual credit allows grade 11 or 12 students to earn both high school credits and credits that count towards a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree, including a journeyman certificate. 

Dual credit helps students to:

  • get a start on their post-secondary education while still in high school.
  • complete high school while engaging in meaningful curriculum.
  • transition to post-secondary studies or move into the world of work.
  • potentially complete post-secondary with less financial debt.


Grande Prairie Catholic School District supports students, in partnership with post-secondary institutions, in the enrolment and completion of their post-secondary courses. 

  • The school district covers the student tuition portion of the post-secondary program. 
  • Students are responsible for learning resource fees (LRF*) and a $300 Caution Fee.
  • Upon successful completion of the course / program, the $300 Caution Fee is reimbursed.


*LRF fees subject to change based on post-secondary rates

Student and parents need to consider if Dual Credit programming is the right fit.  Post-secondary courses have increased expectation and timelines that students will need to manage alongside their regular high school programming.  Many of the courses incorporate on-line programming.  Students will be responsible for attending virtual or on-site sessions and meeting post-secondary timelines and expectations. 

The completion of post-secondary courses or programs through Dual Credit has the possibility of affecting first year post-secondary awards, bursaries, scholarships and athletic standing.  If you are concerned about this potential impact, please discuss with your school counselor or the post-secondary institution.

What courses are we currently offering?

Dual Credit Courses

Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC)

Grande Prairie Regional College offers many dual-credit courses locally. These are individual courses that can implant the qualities and standards that are required of a college level course, before getting to college.

  • application forms available at the school
  • GPRC one- time, non-refundable, application fee of $70 payable to GPRC
  • $300 Caution Fee payable to your school
  • students attend courses on-site at GPRC or through online delivery


Pre/Co Requisites


PY1040:  Basic Psychological Processes

Eng 30-1 in progress/complete


PY1050:  Social and Individual Behavior



OA2511:  Medical Terminology

Eng 20-1 or 20-2


NT1000:  Research & Writing in the Context of Indigenous & Settler Relations

Eng 30-1 or 30-2 in progress/complete


NT1521:  Introduction to Cree

Eng 30-1 or 30-2 in progress/complete


Foundations in Workplace Safety

Available until January 2020

HCS3000 and HCS 3010

Minimum Age:  16


MA1130:  Elementary Calculus I

Math 30-1 or equivalent


*students are responsible for cost of any course textbooks or materials.

Course & Program Availability

Refer to the GPRC site to determine course schedules and availability.


Dates & Deadlines

Application deadline for fall 2018:  August 1, 2018

Fall classes begin:  September 5, 2018

Last day to add classes:  September 14, 2018

Last day to drop classes (with no tuition costs or impact on transcript):  2 weeks after the first class

Dual Credit Programs

Northern Lakes College (NLC)

Partnering with NLC for dual credit has increase the number of programs and opportunities we can provide to students. Although these courses are primarily delivered online, each program has the opportunity for practicums/internships and/or off-campus lab work. These programs require hard work and dedication and are intended for students in Gr. 11-12.

  • individual courses leading to full programs
  • application forms available on-line, no registration fee
  • $300 Caution Fee payable to your school
  • students attend courses on-line with some programs having on-site lab components
  • see individual program descriptions for full details



Pre/Co Requisites


Educational Assistant

English 30-1 or 60% in 30-2 and credit in Math 10C/10-3


Health Care Aide

English 10-2 and Math 10-3 or higher


Introduction to Surveying

English 10-2, Math 20-2 or higher, HCS3000 & HCS3010


Oilfield Operator

English 10-2 and Math 20-2 or higher, HCS3000 & HCS3010


Power Engineering 4th Class

Math 10C and English 20-2 (currently enrolled)


Water and Wastewater Operator

English 10-2 and Math 10C



Course & Program Availability

Refer to the GPRC site to determine course schedules and availability.


(Exact course dates included in the links are subject to change)

Dates & Deadlines

Application deadline is six weeks prior to the start date of courses, however, students are encouraged to apply early as the classes can fill up before the application deadline.

Last Day to Drop Classes (with no tuition costs or impact on transcript):  2 weeks after the first class