Take the Survey!

In January and February Grade 10 families will be mailed an Education Quality survey from Alberta Education. When filling out the survey please DO NOT check off "don't know." I am just an email or phone call away to provide parents with the information that you need to make an informed survey selection. To assist you during the survey a number of  "Did You Know" facts can be accessed to give you insight on our current and up to date survey results from the past school year and information about some of the services St. Joseph offers our students. We are proud of these results and  have our parents to thank for helping to make St. Joseph’s such a wonderful school community. To view these "Did You Know" information facts simply click this link: DID YOU KNOW?

Additionaly, to help ensure our students are prepared to have the skills and habits needed for life after High School we have arranged a LEARNING CLICKS presentation for our students. TO find out what this unique program offers clcik the following link: READY FOR LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL