Parking Permit

Dear students, staff and parents,

Please be reminded that all students and staff must park in their designated lot during school hours (7:00am - 4:00pm). The CKC administrative group has reminded us that students/staff are not to park at the Eastlink Center or Coca-Cola Center during the school day. If you have a membership and parking permit for their facilities you are asked to only park there outside of our regular school hours. We have been asked to share this reminder with our school community and to make you aware that by-law officers will be helping to enfore the designated parking areas and will be looking for valid permits. 

Students: To park in the St. Joseph student parking lot (South parking lot) please ask the office for a registration sheet; permits are issued free of charge to our students once the vehicle is regiastered with our offfice. Parents must also sign your permit application.

Parents: While visiting our school, please continue to park in the staff parking lot (East side of School) and if coming into the school check in at the main office. 

Staff: Obtain your parking permit and park in the staff parking lot.