Welcome Back!

Important Dates for August / September 2017-2018

  • August 22nd - Office Opens
  • August 23rd and 24th - Fee Collection and Locker Sign-Out
  • August 23rd to 25th - New Student Registration Days
  • August 23rd to 25th - Academic Advisor is in to enroll new students into courses and meet with current students regarding any schedule questions / changes that are needed.
  • August 28th - August 31st -Library Opens for Textbook Sign Out
  • August 31st 7pm - 8pm - Grade 9, 10,11 &12 Meet the Teacher and New Student Orientation Night!
  • September 5th - First Day for Students. Bell Schedule can be accessed by clicking here.

Principal’s Welcome!

It is so exciting for me to have the opportunity to welcome so many new students to St. Joseph’s as well as reunite with all of our students who are returning! If you are new to St. Joseph’s, we are keen to welcome you into a culture of a caring school where students are given opportunities to grow  spiritually, academically, athletically, and socially.

The theme for our district this year is “Connect with something Bigger” – We desire to be connected to something bigger than ourselves.   At St. Joe’s, you can look forward to making personal connections, connecting to a school and local community and also connecting to the Global community. Each of you is a gift from God and I challenge you to develop your gifts and talents to your fullest potential.

Information and dates significant to the upcoming school year can be accessed in mid-August  our School Newsletter in the ‘Newsletter’ tab. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the school office which will open as of Tuesday August 22nd, 2017. Fee collection and locker sign-out occur August 23rd and 24th. Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 will be the first day of classes and will be a full day of school; once school begins, as a family please review our electronic your Student Handbook that will be e-mailed to each family and to be familiar with our policies and procedures as well as to note any updates and changes that are new for 2017-2018.

This year, our “New Student Orientation & Meet the Teacher Night” for families will take place on August 31st from 7pm—8pm.  The evening is an excellent opportunity to meet your teachers, explore the school and to get information about our programs, clubs and teams. Students will also be able to pick up a copy of their schedules and ask our Academic Advisor, Mrs. Martin, any questions they may have about a course or their schedule.

Mrs. Martin will also be at the school from 8:30am to 3:30pm from August 23rd to 25th  helping new students with registration and to answer questions that  returning students may have regarding their schedules.

At St. Joe’s you will find that we work extremely hard towards ensuring that each and every student is comfortable in our building and feels cared for. From our Grade 9 families, to our Grade 10—12 College systems the intent is to give a family feeling to the school environment and make each student successful. We believe building relationships is the catalyst for a successful High School experience and we are excited to get to know each and every student and family!

Welcome to St. Joe's!