Student Services Updates


NOV. 1ST, 2016

All grades à GPRC and Augustana (U of A campus) will be here on November 1st through block 3 (Sr. High Focus and Lunch) to speak with students regarding programs, deadlines, etc.

All grades à Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Everyone struggles at different points in their lives and for different reasons. You’re not alone. You can make an appointment with Ms. Martin in Student Services at any time to talk or to learn about community resources. If you’re interested in trying apps on your phone or tablet, here are some suggestions:

  • MINDSHIFT – FREE! Created by YouthAnxiety BC. Good for anxiety and stress management.
  • MINDFULNESS COACH – FREE! Created by The Department of Veterans Affairs (US Government). Good for anxiety and stress management. Includes a log to track your practice.
  • PACIFICA – Free at start, but may include “in-App” purchases. Good for mood-tracking and relaxation.
  • BREATHE2RELAX – FREE! A portable stress management tool that also provides information on the effects of stress on the body.
  • HEADSPACE – Free at start, but may include “in-App” purchases. Good for relaxation and increasing focus.
  • VIRTUAL HOPE BOX – FREE! Users can store their own images/videos/etc that they find to be helpful in times of stress. Users can also create their own coping cards, try some relaxation exercises, or play some quiet games.
  • MOOD METER - $1.39 Good for building emotional intelligence. This app helps you track your feelings and offers strategies to deal with them.

All grades à Many colleges and universities are now advertising their open houses and recruiting events. Stop by Student Services today or check the websites of a few prospective schools for more information. Their focus is usually grades 11 and 12, but all ages are welcome to attend most events.

 Students writing a diploma exam this semester à There are guides to writing these exams, available in Student Services. Drop by to pick up a copy today!

 All grades à Want to start planning for a future career, but not sure where to start? Student Services has information that can help you investigate possible career options and how to get there. We also know about opportunities that can get you working towards your career goals now, instead of waiting until you graduate.

Some sites to get you started are: – Search through tons of occupations using “OccInfo” on the left hand side. They’ll describe jobs, their responsibilities, their average salaries, and related post-secondary programs as applicable. – A great place to start your journey, this site offers answers to popular career/work questions. It’s also a good resource for students who are already employed or looking for work. – Create your free account to access personality tests, compare options, and make a plan. – Learn about trades and occupations, apprenticeships, and the pre-requisite courses you’ll need to enter these careers.