Student advancement through high school differs from grades 1 – 9 because of the credit system, pre-requisites and the specific requirements for a diploma.  STRIVE, the Saint Joseph Catholic High School Advisory Program, exists to ensure that each student’s path toward their Alberta High School diploma is consistently tracked and monitored.  Advisory offers a continuous dialogue for each student as they journey toward graduation.

Each teacher-advisor will have a holistic view of the road to an Alberta High School Diploma.  They will be in the position of referring students to other professional resources in the building (subject area experts, counselors, administrators) to the benefit of the academic progress and general welfare of the individual student.

The goals of Strive are as follows.

  1. Each student will be aware of their progress toward an Alberta High School Diploma for the duration of their time at St. Joe’s.
  2. Each student will better imagine their future due to an increased awareness of the path they are on.
  3. Each student will be guided when a change of course is necessary and acknowledged as they progress toward graduation.

Students will be advised by their BLOCK 2 teacher each semester. 

The benefits of Strive are as follows.

The student will become familiar with diploma requirements and where they are on the path to graduation.  They will have a clear direction and know without delay if a change of course is necessary.

Parents will have the reassurance that someone in the school is monitoring and guiding their child toward diploma attainment.

Teachers will have an increased awareness of high school diploma requirements, of where their course fits in the big picture and of the prerequisite flowcharts for core courses.

Students are encourages to sign up for My Pass.  Visit: to request access.

Diploma Credit Checklist