Do you need help with homework?  Away from classes and need time to catch up with assignments?  Are you having trouble understanding classroom concepts?  Focus Block is a half hour block that was designed to allow students to choose where their time is best suited  to promote individual student success.  Students have a wide array of options to choose from in this time period.  Some of the unique features of Focus Block are the following:

  • Homework completion
  • Fitness training programs
  • Team meetings
  • Graduation events
  • Peer tutoring program
  • Teacher help desk sessions
  • Teacher/Student curricular help
  • Involvement in clubs

If a student falls below 50% in a subject, focus block becomes mandatory and attendance to focus is tracked by the teacher like a regularly scheduled class.

Each teacher provides a monthly Focus schedule that is posted outside their classroom space that includes daily office hourse where students will find them during this block.  Teachers can also request students to come to Focus using a student request form.  It is the responsibility of the students to attend Focus Block if they are requested in any form, or if they are in need of help.